Enriching Lives


Over 4600 towns and villages in drought-prone Saurashtra saw a large scale Green Revolution due to the World's largest irrigation scheme.

HVAC solutions for fighter aircraft and propulsion power for naval ships meet country’s defence needs. These are rugged and dependable power packs, with 100% reliable backup power for radar grids.

Saved energy worth billions with millions of energy efficient Kirloskar engines and pump sets.

Diesel engines power over 80 different applications. Gensets form the backbone of satellite, cellular and telecommunications.

Gas compression solutions for natural gas filling stations ensure environment free transportation.

Critical castings that house one among four tractor engines in India.


Over a million lives have been transformed across the landscape of Africa with the help of a large number of Kirloskar pumps. It provides water for agricultural and other necessities. Kirloskar is devoted to bringing about a Green Revolution in Africa with their unique AAA (Adaptable, Appropriate and Affordable) technology.

Over 2,300 Kirloskar diesel engine-driven pumps and over 20 drip irrigation systems across the Senegal River have increased the annual rice production. The production has increased from less than 100,000 tonnes to 460,000 tonnes by increasing the irrigated land from 24,500 hectares to 85,000 hectares. Senegal is well supported by Kirloskar to achieve self-sufficiency in food by 2013.


For the past 30 years, over 100,000 Kirloskar pump sets have been working along the river Nile for the fertility of the desert lands in Egypt.

A total of 40 pumping stations incorporating Kirloskar pumps have been able to reclaim over 150,000 acres of desert land for agriculture making Kirloskar synonymous with pumps in Egypt.

Middle East

Kirloskar's reliable and energy efficient compressors help preserve seafood, also bringing prosperity to fishermen in the Middle East.


Kirloskar pumps have changed the economy of Lao PDR from an importer of food grains to become a self-sufficient nation. About 7,500 pumps worth over US$3.1 million have increased the land under irrigation from 15,000 hectares in 1996 to over 140,000 hectares, increasing the rice production from 20,000 tonnes/annum to over 500,000 tonnes/annum.

United States of America

Kirloskar has a significant presence across the Americas, especially in the United States. In the United States (U.S.), Kirloskar Pumps operate majorly through an Atlanta based company having extensive experience of over 45 years in the industry. Kirloskar has been associated with some of the most iconic projects in the U.S., including the Word Trade Centre (1, 2) and World Trade Memorial in New York as well as other critical power projects in regions like Prairie (South Dakota), Texas and Boston. In South America too, Kirloskar has been a major provider of a wide range of pumping solutions for power plants in Chile and Venezuela.
Kirloskar has also been a leading supplier of irrigational and dewatering pumps for major pumping projects in Suriname, a country on the north-eastern coast of South America.