Societal Initiatives

In the current times, the market considers more than quality goods and services when looking at a brand. The concept of corporate social responsibility holds the ideologies of the company for effecting social change with their business beliefs, practices and profits.
So, as the next generation of employees seek out employers that focus on these three aspects: People, Planet and Revenue, Kirloskar endeavours to do just that.
In today's world, it is important to build a socially responsible business. Simply by undertaking initiatives that fall under a complete win-win situation. Consequently, not only will the company interest the socially conscious consumers and employees but will also make a real difference in the world.
Kirloskar aims at recognizing the importance of their social responsibility to the society for the greater good.
We focus on and practice a few broad categories of CSR:

Kirloskar Vasundhara

Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival (KVIFF) is the only Indian festival of its kind, which combines film screenings and allied activities related to environment, wildlife, energy, air, and water.


KVIFF is an innovative attempt to explore nature and analyze topical issues related to the environment. It presents an opportunity to evolve on a common platform, to work towards providing effective and meaningful communication material; for preserving our great natural heritage. The message of the festival is to preserve, protect and save the earth for generation next.


During the festival, National and International films on environment, wildlife and energy are screened coupled with allied activities such as discussions on the subject with experts, policy makers and society at large.

S.L. Kirloskar CSR Foundation

We aim to undertake corporate social responsibility activities and initiatives that include eradication of hunger and poverty, promoting health and hygiene, rural outreach, education, employment enhancing vocational skills, technology incubation, livelihood enhancing projects, gender equality, women empowerment, environment, heritage, arts and culture and sports. Below are some of the projects undertaken by us:


1. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Initiative:

WaSH initiative is aimed at creating awareness and soft-skills in school children on healthy and hygienic practices. The initiative is conducted in 15 schools in Pune city and adjoining taluka places. The focus areas of the initiative have been (a) No-spitting habits, (b) Consumption of clean water, (c) Domestic waste segregation habits (d) Hand-washing habits and (e) Clean habits during adolescence. About 3,000 students were covered in the initiative.


2. Health and Outreach Initiative:

As a part of this initiative, we financially supported an NGO for health and outreach projects that promoted pre and post healthcare to the rural population living in the areas of Pingori and adjacent wadi and wasti places in Purandar Taluka of Pune District. The NGO provides counselling and curative services to ill patients, reducing the prevalence of illness in farmers, women, and elderly people in the rural area, and establishing necessary infrastructure for the same.


3. Clean Beautiful School Initiative:

To promote awareness towards preventive healthcare and hygiene through schools, 44 schools in and around Pune were identified for recognition of their efforts towards improving school standards towards cleanliness. The schools were assessed on indicators such as school sanitation, water facilities, clean facilities, efforts taken to promote good habits in their school children, etc. The schools were given star-ranking and were rewarded by giving prize-money.


4. Education, Vocational Skills, Technology Incubation:

We provided Samarth Udyog Technology Forum (SUFT) for promoting technological education to the people and industries, and for supporting technology incubation to start-ups and SMEs. It would facilitate promotion of latest technologies that would enhance skills, professional opportunities and provide global competitiveness to Indian industries.