Kirloskar Brothers Limited

Some of the initiatives taken by KBL are:

  • Formation of ‘Vikas Charitable Trust’ dedicated solely towards discharging KBL’s social responsibility
  • Training programs on common medical ailments held and first aid boxes distributed to schools. Also annual medical check-ups of students undertaken
  • Covers for wells in school premises provided to prevent accidents
  • ‘Dhyas Adarshacha’ (Pursuit of Excellence) – a newsletter of Vikas Charitable Trust published
  • Setting up of a ‘Vidnyan Manch’ which organises programs like flying aeroplanes using demo models
  • Some of the projects that are in the pipeline are:
    • Conducting a ‘Paryavaran’ rally with KBL Eco Club members
    • Counselling teenage girls on womens’ issues by senior lady members of the Trust
    • Organising a lecture series, roping in stalwarts in their fields on relevant and interesting topics